Situated in a restful area among the green hills of Le Marche, Agriturismo Fattoria Sant' Onofrio is the ideal place for those who wish to spend their holidays in close contact with nature. The proximity to the sea and to the most charming towns of Le Marche, full of historical and artistic traditions, makes this resort the perfect point of departure for excursions and visits. 

The city of Pergola was founded in the 13th century and it is placed on the merging of the rivers Cesano and Cinisco, not far away from the breathtaking Catria Mountain (Monte Catria, 1702m). It is a marvellous little city in the heart of the region le Marche surrounded by rivers, green hills, mountains and an unpolluted and variegated nature. In the heart of the city you will discover a graceful medieval architecture with many religious and exclusive buildings.

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